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June 3, 2013

OK everyone, here’s the latest on the DVD!

We’ve got the actual film finished, both visuals and audio. For those of you who were there, you’ll know the Monitors weren’t working for the entire show, not only did it make playing the show difficult for all of us, it’s meant that the sound balance needed some tweaking when it came to organising the soundtrack for the DVD. We wanted to make sure it was the best it could possibly be, and doing that took a little longer than we’d anticipated. We also had to make sure we had those executive producer names for the credits, too!

Having said all of that – wait till you hear (and see) it! It looks and sounds AMAZING now, and we’re really proud of the whole thing.

The t-shirts are designed and done, as are the posters and stickers. The DVD booklet is finished, and we can now move to manufacture the entire thing. We are happy to tell you that the DVD will also include an audio CD, with a recording of the live show! For those of you who bought the DVD in the pre-sale, it will also come in an exclusive card cover, which will be fully signed by the band.

So – when’s this going to happen? Well, we’re looking at the first of July to commence delivery. We’d hoped this whole process would take one month, it’s going to take two. We’re sorry it’s taken a bit longer than anticipated, but that’s balanced out by the fact that we’re convinced you’ll be blown away with the DVD.

We’re also going to announce the forthcoming release of the standard DVD soon, minus the card case, minus the signatures, but available for anyone that wants a copy. Details on this very soon – as well as an exclusive video clip from the show!
Thanks to all of you that made this DVD project happen – it really wouldnt have been possible without your support, and we’re truly grateful to all of the JJ fans out there!

More news soon,


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