Iain Baker

October 4, 2011

h2. Name

Iain Baker

AKA BarryD, Keyboard Breaker

h2. DOB


h2. What do you do in Jesus Jones?

Play Keyboards, move around onstage in an unconventional manner. I also now look after the band. it’s a dirty job, etc.

h2. Favourite Jones gig

The 2 gigs we played back to back in SF when the planned show in Union Square got rained off. We were so hyped up by the second show that it was like some sort of super-adrenalin, I’ve never been so pumped up in my entire life. Apart from that, the obvious ones, I suppose: Rio, Wembley, Glastonbury – anything where you go in stage and get a huge rush. that’s cool by me.

h2. Favourite non-Jones gig

The Jesus & Mary Chain, ICA, London, December 1984. 20 minutes of absolute perfection. Like being trapped in a huge wind tunnel whilst someone beats you over the head repeatedly, and a Jumbo Jet takes off INSIDE your body.

h2. Favourite Jones song (and why)

The song I play the most? It’s a tie between “Maryland” and “Broken Bones”. Always b-sides! Dead Peoples Lives, It’s The Winning That Counts, Kill Today…..they’ve always been the tunes that get to me. Same with Gen, he was always into the b-sides – and I think there’s a pretty good reason for that. Everything else, we played CONSTANTLY on tour, all the time – so there’s a certain degree of over-familiarity there. Naturally, you gravitate to the less heard tunes. To prove my point, I’ve been listening to “Stripped” a lot recently – awesome. Remaster it, beef up the samples, change a couple of things, put it out again as a single – it would BLOW PEOPLES MINDS.

h2. Favourite non-Jones song (and why)

It changes constantly, but it’s either “Complete Control” by The Clash, “Hiroshima Mon Amour” by Ultravox!, or “Beautiful White” by The Pursuit Of Happiness. Tough call.

h2. Any other musical projects?

Does managing Jesus Jones count? Apart from that – looking after a few other amazing bands – “Union Sound Set”:http://unionsoundset.com/, “Air Conditioning School”:https://www.facebook.com/pages/So-TM-Records/164514420261568 and “The Robot Heart”:https://www.facebook.com/TheRobotHeart

h2. Any other non musical projects?

Well, I had a baby daughter Marnie in Feb ’10, so she’s keeping me pretty busy right now.

h2. What music is changing the world right now?

Apart from all the amazing bands I’m working with (see above)The new WU LYF album, Tame Impala, Mountain Goats, Sukpatch, Papercuts, Panda Bear, Sun Kil Moon, Jayber Crow.

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