Important US Tour News – June 23

June 23, 2023

We didn’t want to tell you this, but we cannot proceed with the North American tour. Our visa approvals just didn’t arrive in time. We have spent the last couple of months fighting continuously, trying to ensure we could make it work – but in the end; we just ran out of time.

It shouldn’t have been like this: our initial applications were sent in at the end of April! But we kept running into interminable delays and problems.

All of this should have been done weeks ago, but we were still waiting. As time passed, things became even worse: we lost our flights, transport, and backline options. A lot of the money we’d paid upfront to make the tour happen, simply vanished. We were in a position where we couldn’t tell whether we’d be able to make shows or not. We couldn’t offer any certainty to fans or venues. The one thing you rely on, when touring is that the show must go on – we weren’t even sure if we could make it to the show in the first place.

So, we took the heartbreaking decision to postpone the tour. As soon as possible, we want to make plans to return. We want to reschedule this tour, we want the gigs to happen. Whether it’s a month or two, or maybe a little longer.

We know that the tour would have been amazing – and it still can be. We’ve already begun to think – when can we make it back? Can we get back to the same venues?

For the last few months, we’ve shared in the anticipation this tour had created, and we don’t want to see all of that go to waste. We realise it’s a massive, massive disappointment for all of you: well, believe us, we feel exactly the same way.

Touring is all about expectation and excitement – looking forward to shows, looking forward to seeing everyone we’ve not seen for years. Right now, we just feel..flattened by the whole thing. Everyone is bitterly disappointed, frustrated and angry. But oddly, we may be down, but we’re not out. The resolve within the band is as strong as its ever been: all of us have spent these last few days messaging one other saying one thing, and one thing only: let’s get back out there, do it again, do it properly. Planning starts now. We’ll redouble our efforts to get another set of dates together: you’ll be the first to hear what’s going on.

So, that’s how we feel – but what about the impact that this news will have on you? Well, obviously, the gigs are all off. So, contact the venues for information about what to do with the tickets you have purchased. We’ll be working hard with the same venues to slot in new shows, but logistics may take a bit of time to build everything back up – after it’s fallen apart a bit! Bear with us. As soon as we know what’s happening with a new run of shows, we’ll let you know, too.

We also need to thank all of you who purchased VIP packages from us, for certain shows. Just to let you know – your money is all safe; we’ve not spent a penny of it. If you need a refund, you’ll get it. If and when we reschedule the shows, we’ll get those VIP packages back up and running. You’ll have the chance, again, to come and meet us, hang out, be part of a special experience. More on that when we have news about new shows. Hang tight, for the refunds; we’re ploughing through a lot of logistics, surrounding the current situation. Once the dust settles, we’ll get those funds back to you – you trusted them to us, and we’ll make sure we repay that trust in full.

Not really sure how to end this, we’re still numb from the whole thing. It’s been  a mess, that’s for sure. We still can’t believe it’s ended up like this.

And – before we go, a huge “thank you”, to everyone that’s spoken to us since the news broke. We knew this would impact people’s lives, their plans, and their finances. It’s a tough time out there already, and this sort of disruption is the last thing that people want, or need. So it’s been amazing to get so many messages of support. That’s been humbling, and we’ll make sure we live up to your loyalty and passion for the band. This whole process has taught us that we wouldn’t be anywhere without you: we’ll not forget that, and we’ll make you a promise to put things right.

So – let’s get going. Plenty of work to be done, it all starts now. We’ll have more news for you soon.

Sorry everybody


Mike, Iain, Jerry, Gen & Alan

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