Important US Tour news

June 15, 2023

Everyone – I’ve got some news about the upcoming tour, and it’s really not the news I wanted to have to share. The Florida show at the Hard Rock has been pulled. This is due to our visa approvals still not having been issued. We’ve suffered a number of delays on the way to visa approval; it goes without saying that we’re incredibly frustrated and disheartened. Our original applications went in at the end of April, but here we are, in the second week of June, without a proper resolution. We are absolutely gutted. We’ve been fighting as hard as we can over these last weeks, and we’ll keep up that fight. So far, Florida is the only show affected by the delay; we’re hoping that there will be no further impact on the rest of the tour. If that changes, we’ll update you straight away.

It goes without saying that this has been tough for us – we’ve been looking forward to these shows for a long time, and we’ve been away from the US for a long time! The process of organising a tour has been long, complex and financially difficult. There will be a significant impact on the band, just from the loss of this one show. Also – we should stress our thanks to everyone that’s supported the tour by buying tickets and VIP packages. All the funds for the VIPs have been kept safe in case we need to return any of those monies. We’d never treat your loyalty and generosity in an unprofessional manner. So – VIPs, you can rest easy.

Anyway – this has been a tough few days, but we’re hoping for good news soon, and we’ll just keep you informed. If you have any questions, give us a shout on our Twitter account, that’s normally the fastest way of reaching us, plus it has the benefit of being able to share information with the wider community of fans. Speaking of fans, cheers to the members of the JJ fan group on Facebook, already they’ve been a great source of support. Their kindness and concern are a timely reminder of why we do what we do and why we’ll keep on going.

More news soon


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Everyone – I’ve got some news about the upcoming tour, and it’s really not the news I wanted to have to share.

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