Latest News – July 2012

July 4, 2012

Right – more news about gigs – and not all of it great, I’m afraid. We’ve had to postpone our gig in Leamington Spa in August. We’re desperately disappointed to have to do this, but we didn’t really have an option. Leamington Spa was actually intended to be one of a pair of gigs – right next to a festival appearance in the South of England. However – due to the vagaries of councils and their rules and regulations, the festival itself got pulled. So, we were in a situation where we had to fly Alan over for a week of rehearsals and just one show, which didn’t make solid financial sense. It’s a tough financial environment out there, and it’s as tough for bands as it is for everyone else. We have to try and watch every penny, so we just couldn’t justify the expense. If it had been two shows, we could have balanced the figures a little better, but that’s life. The festival has expressed their apologies that they were unable to proceed this year – and they want us back next year. Similarly, the Leamington Spa promoters are equally disappointed that the gig can’t happen right now, but want to be a part of any future shows. As soon as we sort out that new schedule of shows, we’ll let you all know.

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We’re getting to the point where the new album “Passages” is almost finished, so it’s time we started thinking about gigs!

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Album and Tour News – February 2017

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? In the constantly updating world of our Facebook and Twitter pages, it’s easy to sometimes forget about updating this, our web home. So – sorry about that, and I’ll try and make amends by churning out an absolutely HUGE update, with loads of news!

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Today is…..not a gig day

Today is…..not a gig day :(( Because, that’s it for the tour. All done and dusted. Thanks to our crew, our merch team, the staff at the shows, the promoters and all their teams.

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