Let’s play some gigs, shall we?

April 3, 2013

Right, time for a quick update! Just to let you all know we’ve got some gigs coming up. We’re playing at the Nibley Festival in Gloucestershire on July the 6th with our old friends The Wonder Stuff. It’s actually just round the corner from Mike’s place, so he’s looking forward to cycling to a festival for the first time ever. He’s made us lot carry his guitars, though. The festival has unfortunately sold out – amzingly, in 42 minutes! If you need any morw details on Nibley, you can find it here:

And before that, in a months time, we’ll be treading the boards at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town, for one last time. For those of you with long memories, you’ll remember that the Bull & Gate was the venue which gave us our first real break, it was the first place we ever headlined, and the first place where we found a crowd who really appreciated what we were doing. We’d never have made it without the place, and it’s got some very fond memories for us. Unfortunately, as with so many classic gig locations these days, it’s being sold, and will be lost as a venue forever. So, we’re playing the “Play Your Respects” series of shows there, on Thursday the 2nd of May.

To make this gig even more special, we’ve decided to play the whole of our debut album “Liquidizer”, in full, for the first time ever!. The album was full of songs which made their debut at this very venue, so it’s a fitting place to play all of it for the first time.

It should be a great night, and we hope you can join us. Tickets are on sale now – but it’s a pretty small venue, so they won’t be around for long. Get yours here:

So, it’s going to be a busy couple of months – and there’s more things in the pipeline too. We’ll keep you all posted!

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