May update – New music, US Tour news and more!

May 9, 2023

So – there’s even more news for you – we’ve been back in the studio! Work has just finished on two tracks as the starting point for our next project. This is the first new music we’ve made since 2018 when we finished “Passages”!

The two songs are called “Still Smiling” and “Blue Skies”, and we’re hoping to put them out as a single. Exactly how we’re going to do that – we’re not quite sure, though. One thing we wanted to try and do was get this single ready as a way to celebrate the US tour and our thirty-fifth anniversary. Of course, lead-in ties for pressing vinyl are pretty crazy at the moment: post-covid, the supply lines have been struggling to keep up with a resurgent demand. Thus – we probably wouldn’t have been able to press up a vinyl single. We could have done a CD single – but we did that with Liquidizer revisited, and it felt a bit old hat. We could do a download code for the shows, but that also feels like a bit of a damp squib.

So – we’re working on alternatives. We’ll have something in place by the time we hit the tour’s first date.

Schedule-wise that means there will be a limited release for the single on the tour, but we’re definitely not giving up hope for vinyl: we’ve already spoken to our good friend Rich Perri at Speedowax, and a vinyl single will emerge later this summer.

Speedowax worked with us for the vinyl pressing of “How’s This Even Going Down”, which was a totally brilliant experience. Rich is passionate about getting things right, getting things looking good, and treating vinyl pressings with the respect they deserve. We’ll give you more news on the exact dates for this soon.

You’ll also be wondering, what do these songs sound like? Ahead of any teasers, let’s just say this: they’re absolute BANGERS. “Still Smiling” is an archetypal Jones single – big, brash, hooky. “Blue Skies” is more of a curveball – it’s not the sort of track we’ve attempted before, but of the two, it might be the one which grows on you without you even noticing. There are not just two new tracks: both songs have been remixed by our old mate Richard Perry. Some of you may remember Richard from the “All the Answers” fanzine days of the early ’90s. Since then, he’s had a parallel career under his alter-ego of Jinx Padlock, producing twisted techno and epic, psychedelic dance music. The remixes are just as good as we hoped they’d be!

Quite apart from the new tunes, we’re obviously focused on the upcoming North American Tour and logistical planning is continuing at a dizzying pace. We’ve been working closely with Joe from Discoveries Of The American Scientific, our support act on this tour – we first played with them at WIRE in Berwyn back in 2019, and they’ve been great friends of ours, ever since.

Yeah – we know we didn’t get all the way around the US; this time: but this isn’t the end of the tour. We’re hoping to get back over there and finish the job next year.

And we should also thank all of you who’ve decided to purchase VIP access to some of the shows. VIP isn’t a way for us to make more money: it’s a vital way of funding a tour. At this time, touring really can’t be called a “cash cow” anymore. Far from it – it’s not financially perilous for most artists. It’s a sad fact, but the basic cost of touring the US for a UK artist or band has just skyrocketed recently. Visa costs have gone through the roof, and basic costs for equipment hire, transportation and living expense have all risen, yet the income a band makes for their shows has lagged some way behind.

We’ve all seen the stories of bands having to cancel planned tours due to financial shortfalls, and we were determined that wouldn’t happen to us. VIP was a way for us to tour sustainably, and we’re so grateful that people have stepped in to help. Yes, if you’re a VIP, you’ll get to meet us, hang out, get things signed, and get exclusive merch. You get all of that – but you get something else, too: the satisfaction of knowing that the tour probably wouldn’t have happened without your help. That’s a huge thing, and we’re eternally grateful for everyone who’s been involved. If any of you haven’t seen details of the VIP packages, they’re available for selected shows and only in limited numbers (some of the VIP days are getting close to being completely sold out). Full details are here if you’re interested.

We should also mention that we’ve been working with Cara on the VIP packages. Cara heads up EMF’s web presence, social media and online shop. Her knowledge, passion and experience have proved invaluable as we’ve attempted to set up the VIP process – we’re so grateful for all she’s done! But it’s worth pointing out that this process has brought the logistical centres of our two bands much closer together.  It’s really made us appreciate that we’re stronger and more effective when we’re united, as a team. Could this increase the possibility of our two bands doing something together at some point in the future? We’d have to say – absolutely. Watch this space.

Anyway – that’s it for all of the news for now – sorry it’s been such a long one. Then again, not sorry! Let’s do this more often, shall we?

Mike, Iain, Gen, Jerry & Al.

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