Mike Edwards

October 5, 2011

h2. Name:

They call me The Wanderer.

Or Mike, mostly.

h2. DOB:

22nd June 1964. It didn’t use to seem that long ago.

h2. What do you do in Jesus Jones?

Worry about it all not sounding right. This aspect often takes over the singing, guitar playing, writing and bullying Jerry aspects.

Officially I’m supposed to do Lead vocals, lead guitar, sampling, all song writing, some production, artwork and most interviews.

h2. Favourite Jones gig

The Borderline, London in 1989 when it suddenly seemed, thrillingly, like something was actually going to happen with this band. Lots of then-famous people came to a show for the first time.

Equally, the Wembley Stadium gig with INXS, simply to have played to 72,000 people.

Club Citta in Kawasaki.

Bucharest 1990.

h2. Favourite non-Jones gig

World Domination Enterprises, Dingwalls, London, 1988.

h2. Favourite Jones song (and why)

Any of them where AC/DC played a dominant influence: All the Answers, Rails, Zeroes, Cut and Dried. Ones that make me feel like I was a proper songwriter: The Right Decision, Wishing it Away. Ones that rock like Idiot Stare, Magazine. And, in all honesty, Right here right now which I liked from early on in its charmed life.

h2. Favourite non-Jones song (and why)

If I were to be dishonest and try and impress you with feigned hipness, obscurity and a show off display of breadth of knowledge I could go for something like Nowhere to run by Apex, or Shades of yellow by Zeno, or Dog with Sharper teeth by Daisy Chainsaw, or I got da feelin’ by Sweet T, or half my Arabic collection. But the honest answer is Dear Prudence by obscure British beat combo the Beatles: de-tuned guitars, massive bassline, the ultimate Lennon vocal and guitars that hit the joyous and uplifting a well as the doomy and depressive in the same riff. Perfect melancholia.

h2. Any other musical projects?

Trying to find what iTunes has done with many of my old favourites.

h2. Any other non musical projects?

The rest if my life, which is currently, regrettably non-musical to a large extent.

h2. What music is changing the world right now?

The sound of high explosive ordnance. Not music to many ears, admittedly. But if the children are the future Lady Gaga might have quite an effect on our society.

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