Right – here’s some pretty exciting news, we’re going to tour the US this Summer!

March 26, 2023

We’ll be playing for a couple of weeks, from late-June, until the 10th of July.

It’s been a long, long process to get us back to the states, but it feels great to be planning shows there at last! As you’ll remember, the last gigs we played in the US were in Milwaukee and Chicago in 2019. We were full of ideas following the shows, and our plan was to return the next year again. 2020 would see us playing America, we had dates lined up in Canada, it was going to be great… …and then the pandemic got in the way. So everything was put on hold, and so began a frustrating couple of years when our entire schedule had to be built, from the ground up. Things kept changing, then our visas ran out, then there were more lockdowns, and it looked for a while as if we’d have to forget about all of our dreams. But finally – IT’S ON!

Here’s how the schedule is looking:


Friday 23rd June  – FLORIDA TBA
Tuesday, 27th June – Parkway Theatre, Minneapolis (tickets here)
Thursday, 28th June – SPACE, Evanston
Friday, June 30th – Wildey Theatre, Edwardsville, Illinois
Saturday, July 1st  – Summerfest, Milwaukee (tickets here)
Monday, July 3rd – Music Box, Cleveland (tickets here)
Tuesday, July 4th – Revival, Toronto (tickets here)
Thursday, July 6th – The Winery, Boston
Friday, July 7th – Wall Street Theater, Norwalk
Saturday, July 8th – Sony Music Hall, NYC  (tickets here)
Sunday, July 9th – Ardmore, Philadelphia

Looking at that, I reckon it’s our longest continuous, proper tour for a couple of decades! It’s quite a daunting project to be organising, but thrilling to be playing in the US – finally!

Any time we put together a run of dates, though, there will inevitably be questions: I can hear them now – “how come you’re not playing____?” Or, “when will you play a city near me?”

With that in mind – let me fill you in on the thinking for this particular tour. It’s pretty obvious that we’re only doing some of the country. Basically, one-half of the country. That’s simply because an undertaking like this is huge for a band like us. It’s not cheap, visa fees are skyrocketing, and post-covid, everything is more expensive than it was just a couple of years ago. Plus, we have jobs, lives and responsibilities over here. Clearing the decks to be able to tour the entirety of the USA would be very difficult, financially and logistically.

So, our plan is to do some now and some later. We’re looking to renew our visas to allow us to return in the future. When we do, all of the places we didn’t get to go to this time (er, hello, the West Coast) we’re planning to do, then. I know it’s not ideal, but it was the only way we could make it work.

Let’s start thinking of it as USA pt. 1, shall we? It gives us something to focus on for next time.

So there you have it. Back to the States, back touring, back on the road.

There’s one more thing, as well: this tour will be a celebration of THIRTY-FIVE YEARS of Jesus Jones. It’s amazing to think it’s been this long – but it has! Our first gigs were in 1988, and here we are thirty-five years later.

Plus – we’re still working on new material! We’re looking at ways to have some of that new material available for you guys at the shows. Still working on that, so more details soon.

Finally – the schedule still needs to be completely finalised, so when that happens, you’ll be the first to know.

Cheers, everyone; see you down the front!”

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