Alan Doughty

1) Do you think you’ve made your best album or are you still hoping to make your best album? If you feel you have made your best, then which one is it?. (Derek McDonald)

The goal is to always feel that you’ve made your best album to date. If I thought the best was behind me, what would be the point ? Once the record is done and the initial excitement has worn off, you can then objectively stack it up against the rest. Right now I think the best album I’ve done is the new Bad Luck Jonathan record, and that’s how it should be because it’s the newest.


2) What’s your goal today as a band? Get a #1 record? Have fun? Something else? And how has that changed from when you first began? (Todd Rosin)

The only thing that really matters now is loving it and getting off on the opportunity to keep playing. As far as goals, it’s mainly about to getting to play places I’ve never been – you know, Peru n’shit.


3) If you were to revisit the period of 1989-1993, what advice would you give to yourselves? (David Marsh)

Cherish every hair as if it were your last.


4) Back in the late eighties – early nineties what were your most memorable gigs both in europe/UK and North America? (Scott Moon) 

Romania will always win out on that one. Loved the T&C shows, in fact anywhere in Kentish Town. As far as the U.S. the Warfield in San Francisco stands out. Bill Graham shook my hand as I came off stage, so I’ll take that as a hell of an endorsement.


5) What are each of the band members’ favourite songs (both your own and by other groups)? (Tim Yoder)

Jesus Jones
Wishing It Away, Culture Vulture, Starting From Scratch, Never Enough, Machine Drug, Trust Me
Big Youth – The Killer
Chris Bell – You and Your Sister
Hawkwind – High Rise
Gram Parsons – Return of the Grievous Angel
Husker Du – Pink Turns to Blue
Kevin Coyne – House on the Hill
John Cale – Endless Plain of Fortune
Mission of Burma – That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
Material Issue – Eko Beach
Only Ones – City of Fun
Pretty Things – Grass
Roxy Music – Mother of Pearl
Ruts – Babylon’s Burning
Saints – Perfect Day
Alex Harvey – Swampsnake
Pavement – Stop Breathing
Longpigs – She Said
Small Faces – Tin Soldier
Van Morrison – Ballerina
Ultravox – Frozen Ones
Dead Boys – Not Any More
Jose Feliciano – El Jenite
Merle Haggard – I Started Loving You Again


6) You were influenced by house,hip hop & hard rock originally , are those specific influences still there? Do you still listen to bands like public enemy, acdc, etc and who (if any) are your current favs? (James Fletcher)

Fear of a Black Planet and Powerage are both still staples in the car. The six cd’s currently on rotation are Freakwater, Badfinger, Jaques Brel, The Jam, Banditos and Ken Boothe.


7) Shadiest hotel stayed at while on tour ? Most ‘interesting’ backstage area at a venue ? 

2002 Houston, I don’t recall the name, but if you were looking to film some adult entertainment, it would be the perfect locale. Right next to a flyover in a remarkably run down part of town, with fifteen foot concrete walls topped with razor wire. The rooms were lit entirely with black light and there was unlimited porn on the T.V. Most interesting backstage would have to be all the toilets we shared with the Shamen on our first tour. Made more interesting by their buxom percussionist’s confidence in her body.


8) Now that you are older and possibly wiser, do your answers to the questions: Who am I? Where am I? Why do I feel this way? and, Do you feel real? differ significantly from your answers when you first sang them? (Lee Chetwynd)

Who am I ? is the question I ask myself whilst wondering when Dave, my neighbour across the street is going to fix his blinds. Where am I ? A liquor store (again)


9) Would you encourage your children to wear some of your questionable wardrobe from the early days? Who was the most reluctant to conform with the clothes choice? (Stephen Eales)

I think me and Jerry clearly dressed whilst still drunk.


10) What was the first record you each bought and do you think it had any influence on what became Jesus Jones? (Marc Yeschant)

UFO, Strangers in the Night, so not a chance.

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