Jerry De Borg

1) Do you think you’ve made your best album or are you still hoping to make your best album? If you feel you have made your best, then which one is it?. (Derek McDonald)

Liquidiser is my favourite so far because it’s unforgiving. It’s just phumph all the way through. Is it the best one yet? No, if you think you’ve done your best, why do more?


2) What’s your goal today as a band? Get a #1 record? Have fun? Something else? And how has that changed from when you first began? (Todd Rosin)

Have fun. Always.


3) If you were to revisit the period of 1989-1993, what advice would you give to yourselves? (David Marsh)

I’ve never given myself any advice.


4) Back in the late eighties – early nineties what were your most memorable gigs both in europe/UK and North America? (Scott Moon) 

Romania. It wasn’t like playing a booked gig. It was real life and it was horrific. There was nothing in the shops, there were bullet holes in everything. Someone told me “you couldn’t trust the pillow you were lying on”. The enthusiasm of the audience once meant that we had to stop a gig somewhere in America. The owner was screaming at us to stop whilst we were playing because the floor was falling in on the snooker hall below. Funny.


5) What are each of the band members’ favourite songs (both your own and by other groups)? (Tim Yoder)

JJ – For a Moment, Already

Wings – Mumbo. Wings Wildlife album


6) You were influenced by house,hip hop & hard rock originally , are those specific influences still there? Do you still listen to bands like public enemy, acdc, etc and who (if any) are your current favs? (James Fletcher)

ACDC are still relevant. Always open to new influences.


7) Shadiest hotel stayed at while on tour ? Most ‘interesting’ backstage area at a venue ? 

Somewhere in America on the London tour; a Super 8. I woke up in the morning to find a half-eaten piece of fruit on my bed side table with a massive trail of ants which had infested my room and bitten me twice on my chest. These bites hatched 4-5 days later and left me covered from head to toe in bites, much to the amusement of the band. Next stop was San Francisco where I saw a doctor who had pictures of his famous patients all over the wall but it didn’t say what was wrong with them and I’ve always wondered


8) Now that you are older and possibly wiser, do your answers to the questions: Who am I? Where am I? Why do I feel this way? and, Do you feel real? differ significantly from your answers when you first sang them? (Lee Chetwynd)

Nothing to do with me.


9) Would you encourage your children to wear some of your questionable wardrobe from the early days? Who was the most reluctant to conform with the clothes choice? (Stephen Eales)

My nephew currently owns (and wears) almost all the clothes I had then. We all mucked in but I wasn’t too sure about the kilt and hobnail boots in Devil You Know. I drew the line that day at shaving my head.


10) What was the first record you each bought and do you think it had any influence on what became Jesus Jones? (Marc Yeschant)

Abbey Road on my 10th birthday. My dad took me to a record shop in Kentish Town and bought it for me. It definitely has relevance for me today as a musician and has influenced our music in one way or another.

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