Mike Edwards

1) Do you think you’ve made your best album or are you still hoping to make your best album? If you feel you have made your best, then which one is it?. (Derek McDonald)

As with children, I can’t really have a favourite although that naughty Doubt pushes the limits sometimes with its scrappiness, and Liquidiser can be annoyingly brash. Perverse is a bit spoiled, Already even more so whereas poor London is quite unloved.


2) What’s your goal today as a band? Get a #1 record? Have fun? Something else? And how has that changed from when you first began? (Todd Rosin)

Fun is the primary goal but don’t think that means anything goes as long as it’s a laugh. I feel we have made some good music, been a great live band, and those are impressions I would hate to ruin by being lackadaisical with what we do now.  My goal is to keep the ball rolling, make music I feel proud of and that stands up well against songs we have made previously, and then to get that out to as many people as we can, especially via touring. The only real difference between now and, say 1988, is back then I wanted it to become a career, wanted it to be massively successful. We had our chance and we took it. Now for a new approach.


3) If you were to revisit the period of 1989-1993, what advice would you give to yourselves? (David Marsh)

Keep doing what you’re doing but maybe with different hair.


4) Back in the late eighties – early nineties what were your most memorable gigs both in europe/UK and North America? (Scott Moon) 

Tipitina’s in New Orleans, about 1990. Ridiculously hot, and we have played some hot gigs. I mean, I was topless and that never happens. Wembley Stadium, 1992. Stage fright on another level but a great story for the kids. A small club on Long Island with Smashing Pumpkins supporting. 1990 ? Reading Festival in 1990, avoiding flung batteries and vegetables. (Who takes a potato to a gig ?)


5) What are each of the band members’ favourite songs (both your own and by other groups)? (Tim Yoder)

Wow ! Were you expecting a snappy answer to that one Tim ? After massive self editing, my favourite songs (this week) are Life on Mars by David Bowie, T13 by Corporate, Wrong by MAX, Snap by Bro Safari and Team by Iggy Azalea.  Of my own: All the Answers, Rocket Ships of La Jolla, Get a Good Thing, How’s This Even Going Down ?, Info Freako, Someone to Blame.


6) You were influenced by house,hip hop & hard rock originally , are those specific influences still there? Do you still listen to bands like public enemy, acdc, etc and who (if any) are your current favs? (James Fletcher)

Again, I’ll need to attempt to keep this quite succinct. Not really listening to House these days but I like the occasional track like Lost in Translation by Madeaux and Heartbit by Pegboard Nerds (who also make great Dub Step tunes).  Hip Hop: no, don’t really listen to it at all these days but it’s not like you aren’t always surrounded by it. Hard Rock. Again, not really but I really like Zombie Eyed by The Dirty Nil which seems to qualify.


7) Shadiest hotel stayed at while on tour ? Most ‘interesting’ backstage area at a venue ? 

Hotel: there’s one in San Francisco that was amazingly 1970s and a little bit funky in a bad way. Someone else in the band will remember the name. Backstage ? So many to choose from but I dislike all of those where there’s no chance to warm up for whatever reason. The list runs to hundreds.


8) Now that you are older and possibly wiser, do your answers to the questions: Who am I? Where am I? Why do I feel this way? and, Do you feel real? differ significantly from your answers when you first sang them? (Lee Chetwynd)

“Aging is the miraculous process by which you become the person you always should have been”. (David Bowie)


9) Would you encourage your children to wear some of your questionable wardrobe from the early days? Who was the most reluctant to conform with the clothes choice? (Stephen Eales)

I’d encourage my children to make their own laughable mistakes because vengeance is sweet. They are currently embarked on that process. Jerry was definitely the most reluctant but then he did get the worst options. I can still remember nearly wetting myself at the sight of him forced into electric blue bike short and oxblood Dr. Martens. I’m laughing again now, 26 years later.


10) What was the first record you each bought and do you think it had any influence on what became Jesus Jones? (Marc Yeschant)

The first record I bought was Pretty Vacant by the Sex Pistols. The first record I was given was Hell Raiser by the Sweet. Undoubtedly both influenced me.

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