Today is…..not a gig day

November 25, 2016

Today is…..not a gig day :(( Because, that’s it for the tour. All done and dusted. Thanks to our crew, our merch team, the staff at the shows, the promoters and all their teams. We’ve loved every minute of it. But the biggest thanks has to go to everyone who came along to the shows, who sang along to all the tunes(even the new stuff – which took us by surprise!) and made it all so special. Thanks for the support guys, we love you all. Cheers, and we’ll do it all again – soon!

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Important US Tour News – June 23

We didn’t want to have to tell you this, but we cannot proceed with the North American tour.

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Important US Tour news

Everyone – I’ve got some news about the upcoming tour, and it’s really not the news I wanted to have to share.

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May update – New music, US Tour news and more!

So – there’s even more news for you – we’ve been back in the studio! Work has just finished on two tracks as the starting point for our next project. This is the first new music we’ve made since 2018 when we finished “Passages”!

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