April 14, 2023

Well, you’ve been asking about this – and we’ve never done it before – but it’s a great time to finally offer you the chance to come along and meet us on the upcoming tour of the US. We’re going to let you in as a VIP! You’ll come down to the venue to see us perform our soundcheck and go through the intimate pre-gig checks that normally
remain unseen by the audience.

You’ll be able to come and say hello – chat with the whole band, have a photo, and make some memories. Plus,
there will be mementoes of the experience, too: we’ll give you your own custom VIP Laminate and Lanyard and an exclusive tour poster that’s unavailable anywhere else. Get it signed by all of us while
you’re there!

We’re offering this chance to be a VIP at certain shows only, and numbers will be limited. Full details are over here, so go and check it out – we’d love to see you there.

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