We’ll be at this year’s ShiineOn! See you there?

April 21, 2023

Absolutely thrilled to tell you all that we’ll be at this year’s Shiiine On – every single time we’ve done it, it’s been amazing. Go get tickets; they’re over at the website: https://www.shiiineon.com/ .Still buzzing about this one, honestly. Can’t wait. See you all there! #shiiineon23

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USA 2024 Tour Announcement

So, it’s been a long time coming, and it’s taken some organisation and tweaking – but the US tour is now BACK ON AGAIN! We will return to the US and Canada at the end of March 2024, and the tour carries over into the beginning of April. Where possible, we’ve endeavoured to keep the […]

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Important US Tour News – June 23

We didn’t want to have to tell you this, but we cannot proceed with the North American tour.

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Important US Tour news

Everyone – I’ve got some news about the upcoming tour, and it’s really not the news I wanted to have to share.

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